New Technologies, New Markets, New Outlook On Nicaraguan Farming

September 29, 2016 - Burke Agro S.A. attended the 1st National Congress of New Technologies for Organic and Non-organic Crops. The company was invited by the leading organization within Nicaragua’s agrochemical sector, Rappaccioli McGregor S.A (RAMAC).

More than 170 national producers were in attendance to learn about new technologies, tools, and agriculture practices being implemented in other countries, including Colombia, Italy, the United States. Some of these topics included: introducing new seed varieties, addressing crop management needs (mainly in bioinsumption), soil improvement, plant health and nutrition, and increasing yearly yields.

Engineer Mario Rappaccioli, General Manager at RAMAC, commented that because Nicaragua is an agriculturally driven country, the goal of the congress was to present technological advances that could increase productivity within the industry.

Two years of research was presented at the event with the simple goal of offering solutions to combat the issues of pests and diseases associated with organic crops. Over time, Rappaccioli hopes that these advances implemented by other nations will make Nicaraguan products more accepted on an international level.

Burke Agro’s field team participated in the event in order to add depth to its Internal Control System (SIC). SIC not only monitors the quality and safety of crops, but also helps farmers advance their technologies and outputs. SIC has already helped many farmers increase their yields by introducing new tools and processes where none existed, but this event further solidifies its interest in learning about alternatives to traditional organic production.