Same Products. Same Quality. Same Mission. NEW FACE.

We would like to announce the creation of Sol Organica, S.A. (Sol Organica), the newest addition to the Sol Simple / Burke Agro family of companies.  Sol Organica was created to promote faster business development and streamline international operations while maintaining a focus on sustainable agriculture.

From this point forward, Sol Organica will be the processor and exporter of our organic and natural fruit products. Sales to countries other than the United States will be carried out under the name Sol Organica, replacing Burke Agro.

Burke Agro de Nicaragua, S.A. continues as our agricultural development branch and exporter of fresh fruit to our international customers.

Sol Simple, LLC remains our retail brand, importer and distributor of dried fruits, juices and purees in the United States.

Sol Organica’s goal is to inspire consumers to become agents of change by supporting a sustainable and integrated supply chain, which not only gives back to farmers, but creates new standards within the food industry.