Custom Product Development

Whether you're looking for a new ingredient to shake up the market or want to add a tropical twist to an existing product line, we've got you covered!

Our heirloom fruit varieties and wide range of product presentations allow our team to work directly with R&D Departments, marketing teams, and third party labs to create the perfect product for you. 

Logistics And Warehousing

Our extensive knowledge of fruit seasons in Nicaragua allow our production team to precisely meet your order needs, even outside of peak harvest times. Additionally, with warehouses in Central America, the United States, and Europe, our expert logistics team can ensure on-time deliveries, no matter where you are. 

Quality Assurance

Sol Organica works directly with farmers, cooperatives, and specialists to secure a variety of certifications and is the only organic certified fruit processing plant in Nicaragua processing under stringent good manufacturing practices (GAP/BPM). With a FSSC2000 certification, we guarantee that our customers will always receive the highest-quality products.